• CoinDesk published a story incorrectly alleging misconduct by Alex Grebnev, CEO of Samcoins.
• The article has been taken down and CoinDesk apologizes unequivocally for the error.
• The claims in the litigation do not allege misconduct by Mr. Grebnev stated in the story.

CoinDesk Apologizes to Alex Grebnev

On 25 May 2023, CoinDesk published a story about Alameda-Backed ‘Samcoins’ CEO Alex Grebnev which was incorrect regarding the claims made by Gregory Fishman in a lawsuit against him in London’s High Court. As such, CoinDesk has taken down the article and has apologized unequivocally for their error.

Claims Made in Litigation

The claims made in the litigation do not allege any misconduct on behalf of Mr. Grebnev as stated in our story, and we are happy to set the record straight with this apology.

Incorrect Story

The original story published by CoinDesk was headed “Alameda-Backed ‘Samcoins’ CEO Alex Grebnev Sued by Coin Telegraph Owner Gregory Fishman” and concerned a 2020 US$750,000 option agreement between two parties that is currently under dispute in court. Our account of Mr. Fishman’s claims was incorrect and we regret this mistake immensely.

Removal of Article

As such, we have removed the article from our website to ensure that no further misinformation is spread on our platform and will not be republishing it at a later date either due to its inaccuracy with regards to Mr. Grebnev’s involvement in said lawsuit.


We apologize again for this mistake and hope that it does not cause any undue damage or distress to those involved either directly or indirectly due to its publication on our website as well as for its inaccuracy overall when it comes to matters of legal proceedings involving individuals or companies alike who may rely on trustworthiness when seeking news stories from us here at CoinDesk.

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